Introducing Orchard Bathrooms: Award-Winning Elegance for Your Bathroom Sanctuary

At Orchard Bathrooms, we take immense pride in our bathroom furniture. It’s not just chic, stylish, and of high quality, but now it has received the prestigious honour of being an award winner!

We are thrilled to announce that the Orchard Bathrooms Dulwich navy furniture range has emerged as the victor in the Classic Bathroom Range category at the esteemed Ideal Home Bathroom Awards.

Let us introduce you to the magnificent Dulwich navy bathroom furniture range. A mere picture cannot do justice to this exceptional collection that has garnered such recognition.

Boasting a clean yet timeless design, a stunning navy blue semi-matte finish, and distinct tongue and groove detailing, this range effortlessly combines versatility with vintage charm. With an array of storage options including vanity units, open shelving, and concealed units, you have the freedom to select the perfect combination for your bathroom.

While these pieces excel individually (as depicted above), they can be cleverly arranged side by side to create a seamless appearance of fitted bathroom furniture, without incurring any additional expenses!

The storage options in this range are crafted from high-quality moisture-resistant engineered wood, demonstrating our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship.

To optimise storage around your basin area, our beautiful vanity unit offers a choice of basin styles: a standard semi-recessed basin or the ornate Eton semi-recessed basin, complete with chamfered corners and beveled edges.

Equipped with soft-close doors and elegant chrome handles, this unit provides ample space for all your bathroom essentials, eliminating clutter. Additionally, the unit arrives pre-assembled, allowing for a swift and effortless setup. A convenient utility space at the rear aids plumbers, ensuring quick and easy installation.

To complement the vanity unit, we offer a variety of storage options. The 800mm x 400mm storage unit (pictured below) comes with a spacious cupboard and drawer for those easily misplaced smaller items. Moreover, the door can be fitted to open either to the left or right, enabling a customised layout for your bathroom.

If you prefer a display or easy access to your belongings, our open storage unit (pictured below) is an excellent choice. It features an oak-effect interior and two fixed shelves, providing a perfect spot for folded towels, lotions, potions, and more.

Lastly, to enhance your storage capacity, our tall storage unit offers ample room for items large and small. With the same subtle tongue and groove detail as the other units, this cabinet comes with two soft-close doors (reversible) and internal shelving.

To achieve a truly seamless and sophisticated look, our back-to-wall toilet unit (pictured below) is a fantastic addition to the range. The hidden cistern lends an air of elegance to the traditional back-to-wall toilet design, and its smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze.

Of course, we understand that you may prefer a different toilet design. That’s why we encourage mixing and matching with any of our back-to-wall toilets to achieve the look you love.

In addition to exceptional storage solutions, our range also includes matching accessories in the sublime shade of navy blue. The mirror (pictured below) can be hung in either portrait or landscape orientation, ensuring a coordinated and cohesive bathroom design.

Furthermore, we haven’t overlooked smaller bathrooms such as ensuites, downstairs toilets, or cloakrooms. Our range offers slimline versions of many vanity units and back-to-wall toilets, ideal for maximising space. These compact units have a projection of just 227mm from the wall to the front and can be combined to create a space-saving unit.

We are truly delighted by the award bestowed upon the Dulwich navy furniture range in the Classic Bathroom Range category. Terry Charter, our Head of Buying at, expressed his excitement, stating:

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive the Classic Bathroom Range award for our Dulwich navy furniture range. Our dedicated buying team put in tremendous effort to select the perfect navy colour that complements the traditional style while offering configurations suitable for bathrooms of all sizes. But that’s not all! In addition to the furniture range, we have also recently introduced slipper and roll top baths in a matching shade, with a choice of feet colors too!”

At Orchard Bathrooms, we are committed to delivering excellence in both design and functionality. Our award-winning Dulwich navy furniture range showcases our dedication to providing you with the finest bathroom solutions. From the impeccable craftsmanship to the versatile storage options and coordinating accessories, we have carefully curated a collection that embodies timeless elegance and modern convenience.

Whether you’re looking to create a spacious family bathroom or transform a compact ensuite, our range caters to every need. Experience the seamless blend of style and practicality with Orchard Bathrooms, where exceptional design meets award-winning quality.


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